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The Drumbassadors endorse the following products:


The Drumbassadors play "Sonor SQ2 drum systems" drums.


The Drumbassadors play "Paiste Traditionals" cymbals.


The Drumbassadors use "Beyerdynamic Opus" microphones.


The Drumbassadors use "Remo" drumheads.

Regal tip:

The Drumbassadors use "Regal tip" drumsticks.

Ahead armor cases:

The Drumbassadors use "Ahead armor cases".

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Over the years a lot of positive critics have been published about the Drumbassadors. Here are a few of them:


The Drumbassadors run the gamut, from left to right, top to bottom, loud to soft, thick to thin, green to yellow, round to square, fast to slow, and......they do it with confidence.


Stylistically they combine European, African, and American grooves, sounds, and melodies in their own unique way. An essential requirement of their repertoire that it must consist of 'songs'. Melody, no matter how simple, is key.

Drum Partner Australia:

The Drumbassadors were in Australia for a week of clinics culminating in performances in Sydney at The Australian Drum Festival and Melbourne's The Australian Ultimate Drummers Weekend. For anyone who missed seeing these guys you absolutely have to check them out next time around.


René Creemers and Wim de Vries fused technique and musicality into a highly entertaining mix. The duo has an aptly chosen name as they deliver a remarkable, language barrier breaking show that promotes percussion in a wonderful way. Both musicians use rhythmic influences from all over the world to play real songs - we're talking proper structured musical pieces here - on their drum kits. Just great.

Radio sunshine

René Creemers und Wim de Vries - weltweit in der Schlagzeugszene als "Drumbassadors" bekannt - haben am Samstag, 21. Oktober auf Einladung des Südtiroler Schlagzeugervereins im Theater in der Altstadt in Meran ein Schlagzeug-Feuerwerk der Superlative gezündet.


Renč Creemers e Wim de Vries, conosciuti anche come "Drumbassadors" nel mondo delle percussioni. Appassionati percussionisti ma non solo hanno assistito a una grande perfomance dei due.

Het Noordik:

Het duo blijft de toehoorders op een perfecte wijze bespelen. De temperatuur blijft onverminderd stijgen. Het kwik spuit bijna uit de thermometer. Niemand die hier echter op let. De gehele zaal geniet met volle teugen van deze muzikale atleten.

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